The book set consists of two works,Biografija umetnice 1928 – 2020’ (The Biography of an Artist 1928 – 2020), (180 pages, rich photographic material) by Lidija Pavlovčič, and Ustvarjanje’ (Creating) (380 pages, expert papers with extensive galleries of her body of art) by Tatjana Pregl Kobe (illustrations), Mako Kočevar (caricature), Janez Fajfar (PEN), Tea Rogelj (theatre), Edvard Majaron (puppets) and Ana Marija Kunstelj (painting and graphic art).

Bled mayor Janez Fajfar wrote an introductory paper on Melita Vovk as honorary citizen of Bled. This introduction is complemented by words by Matjaž Završnik, Bled Culture Institute Director, under the auspices of which the exhibition and the book will be released, and Ejti Štih, daughter of Melita Vovk, also an Academy-trained painter. The section on artistic work is enriched with Boris A. Novak’s Zamirujoči sonet za Melito Vovk, čebelarko podob (The Fading Sonet for Melita Vovk, the Beekeeper of Images).

“I may be too detailed in my account of a person but I consider it intriguing to describe faces that I find interesting. Had I not known him well, I might have thought him mean or corrupt. For a human face is far harder to decipher that it seems at first glance. Beautiful and ugly are to me just as relative as genius and crazy, or normal and abnormal. Where does one end and the other begin – and so the ugliest face may be beautiful as it is a reflection of a noble soul, and a most aesthetic face may seem ugly as it is just an empty, indifferent mask of a pretty doll.”

From Melita Vovk’s journal written in 1946. Extract from the book ‘MELITA VOVK OSEBNO Biografija umetnice 1928 – 2020’, by Lidija Pavlovčič.

“Nature bestows upon an artist its gift of art – a golden goblet filled with mystery that is there for him to share. The mystery is the fluid that flows through the heart, cleansing itself in the lake of the soul. Whoever drinks from the chalice of art shall remember that the liquid it holds strengthens not the body but the soul.”

Melita Vovk in her Pledge to Art, which she wrote in 1936, aged 8. Extract from the book ‘MELITA VOVK OSEBNO Biografija umetnice 1928 – 2020’, by Lidija Pavlovčič.

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1 – Biography of an Artist

2 – Creative part

Melita Vovk Up Close and Personal: interview with the authors of the publication

was held on Wednesday, 14 July 2021, in the Bled Festival Hall.

The debate was moderated by actress, poet and playwright Saša Pavček.

The debate was attended by:

Ejti Štih, painter and daughter of Melita Vovk, who collected and arranged her mother’s artistic legacy

Ana Marija Kunstelj, editor of the book set and author of papers on Melita Vovk’s painting and graphic art

Lidija Pavlovčič, author of part I – Biography of an Artist

Tatjana Pregl Kobe, author of the paper on Melita Vovk’s illustrations

Tea Rogelj, (SLOGI), author of the paper on Melita Vovk’s work for the theatre

Boris A. Novak, author of the poem ‘Zamirajoči sonet za Melito Vovk, čebelarko podob’ (The Fading Sonnet for Melita Vovk, the Beekeeper of Images)

Dudi Vovk, Melita Vovk’s sister

Andreja Završnik, Bled Culture Institute, who prepared, in collaboration with Ejti Štih, the selection of works for the exhibition and designed the overall image of the exhibition and book set.

View the debate with the authors of the book edition: